July 31, 2015 Board of Directors Meeting

The board met at the Sweetwater Cal Fire Station at 7 P.M.  The first item on the agenda was an evaluation of the 2015 Annual Picnic. We appreciated the white board that Karen Algers brought to list raffle prizes.  Next year we will also name the donors.  Discussion followed about too much sun on the dessert table.  Suggestions are welcome. We are planning to organize volunteers to set-up and clean-up prior to the picnic next year.   Volunteers will be invited to attend the May planning meeting to clarify duties.

Dennis Del Ponte resigned as Treasurer.  We thank him for eight years of service.  Rochelle Barsnick agreed to replace him as treasurer.

This year we need to keep working to let the County know the value of keeping Sweetwater Cal Fire open all year. We know many people take care of themselves but encourage all to call whenever there is a need.  We are also interested in establishing open communication with AMGEN to see if they can lend any clout to needs in the back country with Cal Fire and cell phone towers.

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