2017 Annual Meeting and BBQ

The annual MHRIA Meeting and BBQ was held on June 26th 2017 at the Lick Observatory picnic grounds. The meeting began a 12 P.M.; called to order by President John Kuntzmann. Present were Vice President Cheryl Jorgersen, Secretary, Sharon Kuntzmann, Treasurer, Rochelle Barsnick, Directors Jill Leber, Kevin Jensen, John Chamorro,  Clarie Telles, Gregg Winovich, Gary Stoddard, Carol Nash, Dennis Del Ponte and Glenn Dolfin.

We had several special guest in attendance from CAL Fire, CHP, our local Sheriff, and Lick Observatory CAL Fire had the Fire Look-out open so people could  visit.  Chief Crawford and Chief Orre from CAL Fire spoke briefly. Sheriff Ryan Scheafers introduced himself again for any new comers. Kostas Chloroe from Lick Observatory, introduced himself so we could present him with a $500 dollar check from the association in appreciation of our partnership over the years.  Kevin Jensen spoke of future plans for the Sheriff”s Department.  Clarie Telles invited Vern Blagg and associate to speak about Equipment ID with the national Owner-Applied Number Program which is currently available in Stanislaus County.  They spoke about how to mark your equipment and the success the program has had in finding equipment.

It was not an election year. However, please keep in mind there will be several openings coming up next year such as Directors and Officers. Nominations should be thoughtful and in line with keeping our organization thriving.

We had no open mic business except for a couple of young ladies who sang a song.  It was nice to have the addition of more  children to the picnic this year. We would like to thank all the Directors, Officers, and many guests who worked so hard and helped to make the picnic a resounding success! It was fun to come together and have a great time with members of our far spread community. THANKS TO ALL!

The day closed with the ever popular raffle.  MHRIA donated several $50 gift cards from Lowes, Home Depot, and Bass Pro.  We thank Dennis Del Ponte, Kevin Jensen, the Portals, Stoddards and any one else that donated gifts for the occasion. Last to go was any left over food which was gladly accepted my many winners.  Finally, but certainly not least, thanks to all who brought all the yummy desserts!

Here are some memories caught by our ten year old photographer.

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