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The Mt. Hamilton Range Improvement Association (MHRIA) was established on July 21, 1954 to deal with the many problems that have affected landowners over the years. Here is a brief history on what the MHRIA stands for and the problems it has faced head-on to help the people that own land in the Diablo Range.


1950's – For the good of the local community

  • Promoted burning, spraying, or mechanical means of clearing brush
  • Dealt with hunting and trespassing problems
  • Sponsored educational tours
  • Acted as a spokesperson for the ranchers’ interest in land management

1960's – Changing to meet the needs of the time

  • Dealt with range and land management issues
  • Dealt with hunting and trespassing problems
  • Started paying a deputy to patrol the “back country”

1970's – Growing to meet different needs of the community

  • Dealt primarily with land management issues
  • Initiated hunting and trespassing patrols
  • Conducted social gatherings such as dances and the annual BBQ

1980's – Growing and taking on political challenges

  • Expanded to include everyone in the Diablo Mountain Range
  • Dealt with the General Plan of Santa Clara County
  • Attended political meetings affecting the back country, such as trails, roads, zoning, and building

1990's – Protecting and keeping the rights of the landowners

  • Attended trails meetings (result no trails east of Grant Park)
  • Eminent domain problems and issues
  • Zoning
  • Library tax
  • County road ordinance (no big trucks on Mt. Hamilton Road)

2000's – Continuing to protect and serve landowners

  • Williamson Act (attended meetings that enabled many landowners to continue in the program)
  • Rural roads issues
  • Strove to keep good working relationships with the County Supervisors, Sheriff’s and CHP departments.