Annual Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by President John Kuntzmann at 12:20 p.m. Directors present were Vice President Cheryl Jorgersen, Secretary Sharon Kuntzmann, Treasurer Rochelle Barsnick, John Chamorro, Ron & Carol Portal, Gary Stoddard, Clarie Telles, Carol Nash, Gregg Winivich, Jill Leber, Dennis Delponte and Glenn Dolfin.

John introduced our special guests, many of whom said a few words.  Our new area SCC Sherriff Ryan Schaefers introduced himself and gave his normal days in the area. Jesse Morris from CAL Fire spoke about defensible space.  Kostas Chloroe from UCSC Lick Observatory gave us an overview of activities and introduced his guest Joe Halay. Kevin Jensen  spoke about his connection to the area and his possible future plans to run for Sherriff.   Jess Brown from the SCC Farm Bureau introduced his guests and invited members to their up coming BBQ.

We then had an open mic. John Chamorro spoke about the need for people in the community to get involved if we want the organization to continue.  Cheryl Jorgersen spoke about the failure of the Rural Roads organization to sustain itself and the need for MHRIA to take on the task of keeping the contacts and communication with the County going.

Elections were held and all directors and officers agreed to another term which was passed by the membership. Kevin Jensen was elected as a new director.

The meeting closed with the always popular raffle.  Thanks to donations from MHRIA, Reed”s Indoor Range, Gregg Winivich, Kevin Jensen, the Leber’s, the

Stoddards, and the Portals there were numerous great prizes.  Many people also enjoyed winning left over food!


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