FEMA Individual Assistance Support and Appeal Information from Louay Toma

Many of you applied for Individual Assistance (IA) support through FEMA. We are aware that some of you were denied based on your initial applications. In conversation with State and Federal representatives we were notified that a number of applications were deficient on a few minor items. “You have the right to appeal if you are dissatisfied with FEMA’s determination. A critical step in the appeals process is that you must write a letter to FEMA before your appeal can be considered. Simply submitting documents without a letter will not get the appeals process started. The letter must ask for reconsideration and explain in detail why the appeal is being filed.”

 For more information please see the attached letter which provides insight and information on how to best implement your appeal.  Please remember that you only have 60 days from  your denial to submit your appeal.

 Any questions/concerns please feel free to reach out. 


 Louay Toma CEM, MPA

Emergency Management

Santa Clara County Fire Department

Santa Clara County Office of Emergency Management

Office (408) 808-7800


DR-4558-CA - FS008 -Details Matter when Filing a FEMA Appeal 11-19-2020



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