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Hi Folks,

We hope you are all safe during these horrendous times. As if Covid-19 isn’t enough, the awful lightning strikes of early Sunday morning created the havoc  of Fire, our greatest fear. Know that we all stand together even if the fire evacuations limit anything we can do.

I have spoken with Deputy Hoover a number of times today and he asks we DO NOT try and get back to our properties, it is just too dangerous and can do nothing but hinder the work of first responders.  He was in the back county yesterday and again on his way there this morning.

Many spot fires are burning in numerous locations from Kincaid to Santa Clara County line and beyond in all directions.  Please see the link;l:street;@-121.9,37.0,10z

This seems like a decent way to see the various fires and locations in a general sense. Although general in nature, anything is better than nothing and I don’t believe that much of the Red are  spot fires; it is just the area of the complex of fires.

 The latest Cal Fire Complex notification can be found here

Both addresses can be pasted into your browser.  I will send an update when received.

Please stay safe and remain optimistic.

Regards, John Kuntzmann

MHRIA President

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