Inconsistent Power Issue, Flood/Slide Awareness, and Health Services Information from Louay Toma

We have been notified that the swift lines that has been causing the inconsistent power issue may have been resolved as of this weekend (a more solid test can be seen as how your power continues with the upcoming rain). If you can please update me if there are continued intermittent issues and the problem is not resolved I would greatly appreciate it. Many thanks.

Also we want to remind you to be flood safe during this time as the vegetation damage due to the fire has left very little to prevent the slopes from sliding. Please make sure to monitor weather reports and consider your safety risk when a weather advisory is issued. Be prepared to leave before roads, creeks and waterways are flowing, or go to a neighbor on high ground and NEVER drive or walk into floodwaters or go around barricades. It is impossible to know how deep the water is just by looking at it. Additionally if you see anything of concern landslides, etc… please let us know.

 Separately and just as important. Please know that behavioral health services are available to everyone in your community and without cost. County Behavioral Health has an Emotional Health and Well-Being line at (800)704-0900. If you are to utilize this wonderful resource you first have to select 1 or 2 for English or Spanish, and then you have the following options:

                Selecting 1 – The suicide crisis line it is available 24/7 and not just for those who are suicidal you can call if you just any need mental crisis support.

                Selecting 2 – The mobile crisis unit. If you are worried about a neighbor, friend, or a family member and want to help them with an assessment (even onsite).

                Selecting 3 –Is for information about urgent mental health service clinics in the county that would be covered by MediCal.

 The previous year has been difficult for everyone in the County. The addition of the SCU Complex Fire that you and your neighbors had to endure is more than anyone should need to face. Please do not hesitate to engage this or any other service that the County can provide. If you have questions about  departments/services that the county offers do not hesitate to reach out and we would be happy to direct you to the appropriate point of contact. Thank you.


 Louay Toma CEM, MPA

Emergency Management

Santa Clara County Fire Department

Santa Clara County Office of Emergency Management

Office (408) 808-7800


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