The Latest Verizon Update from Louay Toma

The last update on this process was that Verizon had submitted all documentation with County approval and the final obstacle was the landholder UCSC. The documentation has been going through the UCSC hurdles and my point of contact at UCSC has confirmed that the alteration plans and Verizon’s feasibility study fee were all moved forward.  They stated that unfortunately, there is a backlog in the department where this goes next. I reminded them the urgency of this project and how long it has already taken, my point of contact understood and is reaching out in attempts to expedite the process.

As stated before I will continue to monitor and work to try to get this over the finish line despite its current pace. Please feel free to reach out to me with additional questions/concerns and know that OEM is working as much as we can (within our power) to get this project started and finally over the finish line. My thoughts are definitely with all of you as you are dealing with this on a daily basis but definitely trying to push where I can. Thank you.



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