Upcoming Winter Storm Support and Links from Louay Toma

You may have received an AlertSCC message from OEM today notifying you of the upcoming winter storm. In the practice to keep everyone informed I wanted to follow up with an email with some information as well. As you already know the intensity of the SCU Complex Fire left the mountains with little vegetation to prevent the slopes from sliding. Since there is a Flash Flood warning in effect this may cause your property to be threatened by Debris Flows, Mud Flows and/or Landslides from the upcoming storm.

Please see the following website links to help support you:

For possible debris flow exposure: https://bit.ly/36ceCVN

*Yellow is the lowest to no probability while dark brown is the highest (fortunately there is no brown listed in our map). If you are listed in an area with a Value At Risk (VAR) (purple star) please be advised that acute inclement weather events can create watershed issues that could possibly impact your property.

For information regarding County road closures please visit: https://bit.ly/3ccRvOK

For information regarding State road closure please visit:  http://quickmap.dot.ca.gov

Additional links and tools we recommend are:

  1. Sign up for emergency alerts at www.alertscc.org
  2. Monitor weather reports and consider your safety risk when a weather advisory is issued.
  3. Be prepared to leave before roads, creeks and waterways are flowing, or go to a neighbor on high ground.
  4. Know all your local access roads and understand that some may be blocked by debris. Have an alternate plan or route. Mudslides can occur even days after a storm when the ground is saturated.
  5. NEVERdrive or walk into floodwaters or go around barricades. It is impossible to know how deep the water is just by looking at it.
  6. For more flood protection resources please visit:  www.valleywater.org/floodready
  7. Have an Emergency Plan and a Disaster Kit ready to go. For more information, go to http://www.preparescc.org/readysccto find information on our ReadySCC application or you can download FREE from the on the App Store or Google Play.

Per usual any questions/concerns please feel reach out. Thank you.



Louay Toma CEM, MPA

Emergency Management

Santa Clara County Fire Department

Santa Clara County Office of Emergency Management

Office (408) 808-7800


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