Urgency Notice Forms and Deadlines Adopted by Santa Clara County

Here is an email from Louay Toma at Santa Clara County with the latest information and forms. Please read the PDFs for information, forms, and deadlines and contact Mr. Toma if you have any questions. You can view his attached PDF files below and use the bar at the top of each file to download the file.

From: “Toma, Louay” <Louay.Toma@oem.sccgov.org>
Date: November 19, 2020 at 10:58:25 AM PST
To: “Toma, Louay” <Louay.Toma@oem.sccgov.org>
Subject: Debris Removal Notice Information.


Please see the attached documents per the adopted Urgency Notice, and the right of entry (ROE) form. As a reminder utilizing these options is of No Cost to the property owner. The County is working conscientiously to give as much lead time information so community members are able to plan accordingly for all efforts with regard to their property. Thank you greatly.


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Generic Debris Removal Notice 11.19.20


SCC ROE Fillable PDF
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