Verizon Update from Louay Toma


Apologies for not providing earlier updates on the Verizon front. I wanted to ensure I was giving something tangible. If you are receiving this email you notified me that you are having problems with your Verizon service since the SCU Complex Fire.

Verizon’s Mt. Hamilton Modification project was submitted to the County with all conditions met for the tower to add additional technologies to increase capability and capacity. The project and blue prints we approved by the County, for Verizon to move forward. Currently they are looking to do so, however, there may be some issues with the party who has leased them the land (not the tower). They are working to deconflict these issues so that they are able to start the work.  I will of course continue to communicate with Verizon with the hopes that this project can start soon.

I know this message is still lacking in specific details, however, we are still working to push an expeditated start and completion date for these upgrades with the hopes that it will make a difference for your services. Please feel free to forward this message to the appropriate community members affected by Verizon services. Thank you.


Louay Toma ,  CEM, MPA

Sr. Emergency Manager,

Santa Clara County Fire Department

Santa Clara County Office of Emergency Management

Office (408) 808-7800


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